Old Faithful Inn, Balcony Writing Desk Fixture
Yellowstone National Park
The Old Faithful Inn, located in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, is located with a clear view of the renowned Old Faithful Geyser.
Initial construction was carried out over the winter of 1903-1904 and The Old Faithful Inn opened in the spring 1904. With its spectacular
log and limb lobby and massive stone fireplace, the inn is a prime example of rustic resort architecture.

The Limbert Furniture Company provided most of the furnishings for the Old Faithful Inn including the writing desks located on the
second story balcony in the lobby. Each double sided oak desk has a built in light fixture with a spruce tree motif shade. Approximately
20 years ago, a damaged shade was sent to a California company for repair. When that company was closing, Old California Lantern
purchased the pattern created to reproduce the original spruce tree shade.

Combining the original shade with a reproduction of a Limbert lamp base, the Old California lamps are available in the original
rectangular size shade and a more compact square version.