Signature Project: 1906 Lodge Coronado, CA

1906 Lodge at Coronado, CA

Bushman Dreyfus Architects, Charlottesville, VA; Jeffrey G. Dreyfus, project architect; Neil Higgins, project manager

Erickson-Hall Construction, Escondido, CA; Mike Hall, principal; Jim Fisher, construction manager

Kristine Smith Design, Escondido, CA

Dianne Sheridan Designs, Encinitas, CA

When a group of local investors, acquired a former boarding house in Coronado, CA, they saw something others had missed potential. Purportedly designed by Irving Gill, the 1906 building had been abandoned for some time and was in derelict condition. Today it is a much-sought-after Arts-and-Crafts-style boutique hotel with 17 suites, a restful garden and underground parking.

The transformation was led by Bushman Dreyfus Architects of Charlottesville, VA. The project involved not only the restoration of the original 3,913-sq.ft structure, but also the design of an additional compatible 15,697-sq.ft building on the Coronado site. In addition, the historic building was raised, and the entire site was excavated for a new basement and parking garage. While the restoration of the historic building was the starting point of the project, the design of the additional 11 guest suites surrounding the courtyard and reflecting pool was key to the project's financial success.

The lighting design was coordinated by Kristine Smith, Kristine Smith Design and Dianne Sheridan, Dianne Sheridans. Old California worked closely with both Kristine and Dianne to design and build custom fixtures for the public spaces.